How to improve a patchy beard

How to improve a patchy beard

How to improve a patchy beard


Not all of us are blessed with the thickness and fullness we truly desire but we can offer some little tips to get your facial rug in order:

- Eat Well. Start with the source – diet. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and ensuring you’re incorporating protein and B vitamins into this is essential for healthy hair growth.

- Groom your beard. To get well past the itchy stage use a beard oil to moisturise the skin underneath. Using a beard comb or brush will stimulate the hair follicles to encourage growth in those sparse areas. We recommend using with our beard balm to encourage the direction of the hair to create a more even look. 

- You have to be patient. If you get frustrated with it being patchy the worst thing you can do is trim it all off else you’ll be stopping yourself from eventually achieving beard goals. 

- Trim your losses. If all the above fails after you’ve given it a good go, try a trimmed look and focus on clean shaping to distract from patches. If you feel hesitant, head to your local barber so you can follow their guide once it grows out.

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