Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The rapidly changing coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic is something that I and the whole Rugged Beard Team are taking very seriously. At times like this communication is vital. I want you to know that we are ensuring all health protocols are being followed and the health and safety of our community, employees, customers and partners is our top priority. We’re working hard to keep everything running, safely and responsibly.

We are working with all our employees to ensure that the recommended precautionary measures are in place to help prevent the risk of exposure. This is being done by all our team members. This includes reinforcing best-practice guidelines on regular handwashing and providing antibacterial gels and wipes. All face-to-face meetings internal and external have been moved online using Microsoft Teams. Many of our team members are working remotely from home (this is nothing new) and our fulfilment team are working on a solo, rotation basis. All orders are being fulfilled without delays. When ordering please know you’ll get your items are normal. We will not accept any orders that we are unable to fulfil. Shipping to the UK, US and Europe is still totally acceptable. Although, I would mention that our Royal Mail Account Manager has advised us that shipping may be delayed by 5-7 days in certain parts of the UK/rest of the world.

We recommend staying up to date, check the world health organisation regularly for updates

Again, the health of our community, employees, customers and partners is our top priority. Stay well and, as always, thank you for supporting The Rugged Beard Company. If anything, further changes, we will update you immediately. The trust built with our customers and partners is something we take very seriously, if there is anything you’re unsure of, please reach out to me directly –

Many thanks,
CEO, The Rugged Beard Company.
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Stay safe guys!


I like this. Keep up the great work.

Pete Dawes

Just placed my first order with you. I am excited to try your brand. :)






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