The Rugged Beard Company Beard Balm

Your precious Facial Rug needs taming. Our Beard Balm is perfect for thin, patchy and mischievous beards, our balm will add volume, whilst the amazing natural ingredients will soften, nourish and condition it whilst providing a super nice scent. Scraped out a pea-sized quantity of balm, smooth it onto your palm, work it into your beard from beneath then style as required. If your beard is fully grown, you may want to use a little bit more than recommended.

The Rugged Beard Company Beard Oil

Beard oil is a must for both the experienced and apprentice beardsman. Our small batch production process, paired with our affinity for only using the finest natural ingredients available, creates a product that nourishes beards and the surrounding skin alike. Most importantly it will prevent dry skin. Pour 2-8 drops of oil into the palms then work it in from underneath your beard before the top. The quantity of oil required will depend on your beard length. We recommend using 2-4 drops for a short beard, 4-6 for a medium and up to 8 drops for huge beard owners.

The Rugged Beard Company Beard Soap

The Rugged Beard Company's Beard Shampoo Bar is an amazing, gentle, yet effective cleanser, stuffed full of the very best beard nourishing ingredients available. This cleanser is made from 100% natural ingredients to nourish your beard and the skin beneath - you can even use it on your hair and body. Our beard soap is specially formulated to keep your beard clean and conditioned without breaking down its natural oils. After you rub the soap or squeeze the beard wash into your hands, endearingly work it into your beard with wet hands, allowing it to rest for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water before luxuriating in the soft, fresh feel.

The Rugged Beard Company Moustache Wax

Our  Moustache & Beard wax can tame even the wildest of stache's. From the Handlebar to The Dali, every style needs a product that provides nourishment and hold. Our all-natural wax works hard to keep your facial hair in place, no matter how you style your mo. Our unique combination of ingredients has culminated in a wax capable of taming the most unruly facial whiskers, whilst moisturizing the skin beneath. After you have scraped out and smothered a pea-sized amount of wax, melt it on the tip of your index fingers, then apply it to your moustache and style away.