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The Rugged Beard Company have been hand-crafting beard grooming products since our debut in 2016. We use pure, organic, nourishing ingredients that are handpicked not only for their beard benefits but also for their captivating fragrances. Our Oils, Balms, Washes and accessories are a testament to the bold and adventurous modern man with an age-old spirit.




I am absolutely thrilled with the beard care products I purchased from The Rugged Beard Company! My beard has never looked and felt better. The beard oil and balm have made my beard soft, manageable, and totally transformed the way it looks. I used to have a dry and itchy beard, but thanks to The Rugged Beard Company, I now have a healthy, luscious beard that I am proud of. I highly recommend their products to all the bearded men out there!

John M.

have tried numerous beard care products in the past, but nothing comes close to the quality and effectiveness of The Rugged Beard Company. Their products have made a significant difference in the growth and texture of my beard. The beard oil not only keeps my beard moisturized, but it also adds a nice shine and makes it smell amazing. The balm helps to tame and shape my beard, making it look neat and well-groomed. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase from The Rugged Beard Company and will continue using their products.

Michael S.

After searching for the perfect beard care products, I finally found The Rugged Beard Company, and I couldn’t be happier! Their products are top-notch quality and have exceeded my expectations. The beard shampoo and conditioner have made a huge difference in the cleanliness and softness of my beard. The scent is refreshing and long-lasting. The Rugged Beard Company has become my go-to brand, and I highly recommend their products to anyone who wants to take their beard game to the next level. Thank you, The Rugged Beard Company!

David L.

Amazing product that smells fantastic. Great hold, and nice matte finish. Will definitely be getting more when I run out!

Matthew, Moonah

Scoops super easy, breaks down instantaneously, spreads well, and texture is just enough. Smells fantastic too - especially fond of the limited edition scents. Will be getting more when this jar runs out.

Jon, Victoria