Our Story


Premium Beard Care, No Bullsh*t ingredients. So, let’s start with the story that inspired the brand. Our Founder Jesse had grown a beard and quickly realised he needed some help treating, softening and nourishing his new facial addition. However, after scouring his local High Street and online marketplaces, there were no products available that weren’t packed with nasty parabens.

So Jesse and his team of facial hair obsessed folks decided to create and develop a range of uniquely fragranced and invigorating all natural beard care. Together, they created The Rugged Beard Company. Our no bullsh*t stance means that the cost of the entire item has been invested into the actual product. Each of our products are handmade in small batches with love, and all-natural, wholesome ingredients, carefully chosen for their beard nourishing properties and their impeccable fragrance. 100% free from bullsh*t ingredients.

Our Vision.

The Rugged Beard Company are tired of beards being treated with half assed, bullsh*t filled products. We believe that some of these products are the reason some people think that beards are a fad. Our key aim is to supply high quality products for beardsmen, worldwide. All our beard grooming products use wholesome, natural ingredients. That way all our Rugged beardsmen will have a positive experience from day one. Half assed, bullsh*t filled products don’t help achieve greatness! Every beard is unique, we are on a mission to soften, nourish and tame even the most rugged of beards. We want our fellow man to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, hopefully our products will help, one beard at a time. All of our products have been assessed and certified by an Independent, Chartered Chemist, and conform with EU legislation.


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