Why use beard oil?

Why use beard oil?

Why use beard oil?


So you've finally seen the light and added a beard to your face! Just like the hair on your head, you’ve got to take care of it, keeping it maintained and in good condition. The question that everyone asks is how do you do this? Using common head hair products don’t work!

Your manly facial hair is completely different to the hair on your head! This is where The Rugged Beard Company comes in. Our beard oils are made from 100% natural ingredients, containing primarily Almond and Argan oil. These amazing oils are known for their beneficial hair conditioning and growth promoting properties. 

Argan oil is derived from the nut of the Argan tree which is found only in certain areas in Morocco, making it quite rare. It is very rich in Vitamin E which contains antioxidants that can help boost cells and hair growth. The oil also adds shine and gloss to hair which will make your manly beard healthier and thicker. Argan oil can be used as conditioner. You can even use the beard oil before as well as after taking a shower or washing your face.

So our amazing beard oil will keep your beard nourished, hydrated, looking good and not to forget smelling fantastic. We all spend time looking after the hair on our head, we firmly believe we should treat our facial hair the same!

Check out our range of Growth Promoting and Beard Conditioning oil here.

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